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I’ve had the privilege of performing at countless weddings and events in the St Louis Area, and I’m excited to share my journey with you. Whether it’s playing solo piano for a wedding ceremony or adding some flair with my jazz piano trio, The Frontenac Trio, I’m passionate about creating memorable musical experiences for my clients. Let’s dive into the world of music and explore the magic it brings to special occasions!

Setting the Tone with Solo Piano: A Last-Minute Decision with a Big Impact

As a wedding pianist, I understand that planning a wedding can be a whirlwind of decisions. Sometimes, couples decide on certain elements at the last minute, and that’s okay! I’ll never forget when Marjorie reached out to me, looking for a pianist for her ceremony music. Despite the last-minute decision, I was thrilled to be a part of her big day.

Marjorie’s review captures the essence of our collaboration:

“We decided a bit last minute on wanting a pianist for our ceremony music… We landed on Dave and he was absolutely incredible from the start. His professionalism and response time is the best out there. He has a very extensive repertoire of songs with so many different styles of music to choose from. I even requested a song not part of his current repertoire and he was willing to purchase the sheet music and learn the piece for the big day.”


It was an honor to play for Marjorie’s ceremony, and I’m grateful for her kind words. Whether it’s classical, pop, or a special request, I love bringing each couple’s vision to life with my solo piano performances.

Adding Some Flair with The Frontenac Trio: Cocktail Music in St. Louis

While solo piano is a beautiful choice for wedding ceremonies, I also love bringing a lively atmosphere to cocktail hours and receptions with my jazz piano trio, The Frontenac Trio. As a cocktail music performer in St. Louis, I know how important it is to elevate the mood for guests to mingle and enjoy themselves.

The Frontenac Trio specializes in jazz and pop sets that capture a wide range of moods with a consistently lush sound. Whether it’s a classic jazz standard or a modern pop hit, we’re all about delivering high-quality performances that elevate the atmosphere of any event.

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Conclusion: Making Your Event Unforgettable with Music

Music has the power to transform any event into an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re looking for a St. Louis pianist to play elegant solo piano for your wedding ceremony or a St. Louis area jazz trio to elevate the mood and bring some lively tunes to your cocktail hour, I’m here to help. With my extensive musical training, experience, and passion for delivering high-quality performances, I’m committed to making your special day truly memorable.

Marjorie’s experience is just one of many stories that highlight the impact of music on a wedding day. Her kind words remind me of why I love what I do: “Dave did the MOST INCREDIBLE JOB with all of the music for the ceremony… Both my husband and I were actually a bit disappointed we did not get to see or thank Dave in person due to the busy-ness of the day. If you are considering hiring someone to play music for your big day, whether that be at your ceremony or cocktail hour, this is your guy!”

If you’re planning a wedding or event in the St. Louis area and are looking for musical entertainment, I’d love to hear from you. Whether it’s solo piano, The Frontenac Trio, or another ensemble option, I’m excited to work with you to create the perfect musical backdrop for your special day. Feel free to explore my wedding music services, listen to some wedding piano samples, and check out cocktail solo piano samples. When you’re ready, don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss your musical needs. Let’s make some unforgettable moments together!

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